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Stress Awareness Test 

In the past year, check all that apply:

  1. A lot more or less trouble with my boss and/or health care provider
  2. A major change in sleeping habits
  3. A major change in eating habits (a lot more or a lot less, or very different meal hours and/or surroundings)
  4. A revision of personal habits (dress, manners, associations, etc.)
  5. A major change in  you usual type and/or amount of recreation.
  6. A major change in your social activities (clubs, dancing, films, social visits, etc.)
  7. A major change in Church activities
  8. A major change in number of family get-togethers.
  9. A major change in financial state (either a lot worse or a lot better off)
  10. In-law troubles, and/or troubles with your significant others' family
  11. A major change in the number of arguments with spouse or significant other. (ie a lot more or a lot less than usual)
  12. Sexual difficulties

    In the past year, how many times have you experienced:

  13.   Major personal injury or illness
  14.   Death of a close family member (other than spouse)
  15.   Death of a spouse
  16.   Death of a close friend
  17.   Gaining a new family member (via birth, adoption, senior moving in, etc..
  18.   Major change in the health or behavior of a family member.
  19.   Change in Residence.
  20.   Detention in jail or other institution.
  21.   Minor violation of the law.
  22.   Major business readjustment (merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, etc.)
  23.   Marriage.
  24.   Divorce.
  25.   Marital Separation.
  26.   Outstanding personal achievement.
  27.   Son or daughter leaving home (marriage, off to college, etc.)
  28.   Retirement from work.
  29.   Major change in work hours or conditions.
  30.   Major change in responsibilities at work (promotion, demotion, transfer)
  31.   Dismissed from work.
  32.   Major change in living conditions (building new house, remodeling, deterioration of home or neighborhood.
  33.   Marital partner beginning or ceasing from work outside the home.
  34.   Taking on a steep mortgage.
  35.   Taking on a small mortgage.
  36.   Foreclosure on mortgage or a loan.
  37.   Vacation.
  38.   Changing school.
  39.   Changing line of work.
  40.   Beginning or ceasing formal schooling.
  41.   Marital reconciliation.
  42.   Pregnancy.





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Adapted from the work of the late Thomas H. Holmes, MD, (1976) University of Washington Press

This questionnaire is for educational and entertainment purposes only.  The scores only give rough estimates on risk values, and do not predict specific outcomes for any individual.  If you find that you may be at high risk, seek professional help to reduce stress, and it's effect on your health and immune system.  Just remember, that a person always has choices, and can choose differently.  The key is to be aware of all the different stressors, both positive and negative.