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Sharon Dina

Sharon F. Dina, MS, CDN

153 Broadway
Milford, CT  06460

Nutrition is the second career, but first love, for Sharon Dina.  She received her MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 1996, nearly 20 years after earning her BS in Biology from Fairfield University in 1977.  The interim years were spent first, raising and nurturing a family, then as an adult educator.

 Sharon brings that same nurturing and teaching style to her nutritional counseling.  Whether she sees clients for weight management, immune or metabolic disorders, or conditions such as diabetes/hypoglycemia, allergies, ADD/ADHD, or PMS, her philosophy is the same: Optimal nutrition is key to optimal health.  The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when given the right “tools.” Good eating habits, combined with customized nutritional support are the fulcrum by which the body balances itself.

Ms. Dina is a Designs for Health Associate Nutritionist, a member of the American Dietetic Association and is Connecticut State Certified.  She currently works both in community nutrition and in private practice.

Sharon Dina, MS, CDN, brings a wealth of nutritional counseling experience to her private practice.   As the nutritionist at Southwest Community Health Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, she works with patients in all life stages, from prenatal to the elderly.   She counsels individual patients with a wide range of disorders, including hyperlipidemia, obesity, alcohol and substance abuse recovery, HIV/AIDs and diabetes.   She also gives group presentations on various topics.  Some of her colleagues have been so impressed with the success of her treatment protocols that they have become clients in her private practice.

Twice a month, she provides nutritional counseling for Bread & Roses APAC (a positive alternative clinic) in Norwalk and Bridgeport.   Here she counsels HIV(+) clients on diet and nutritional support for a healthy immune system.

Prior to and while earning her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, she was an out-reach worker at the Bridgeport Board of Education’s Parent Center, a position she came to hold through her own volunteer work as a Bridgeport parent.   She became knowledgeable about different cultural assumptions and dietary habits while working with the city’s culturally diverse population.

 Dina brings an understanding of, and appreciation for, the different lifestyle pressures on people today.   This mother of three children knows how to listen actively so she can hear what the individual’s need is; she then customizes her treatment plan so that it’s doable for the client. Her goal is always to help her clients create optimal health through better nutrition.

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