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We are solely a volunteer organization, run entirely by consumers.  In these troubling times, with state and federal budget crises and battles, we ask that you get involved in your local AIDS Service Organization, and do what you can to make a difference in the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS.

You can find local AIDS Service Organizations in Connecticut by using our Online HIV Resources Guide.

The Guardian Health Association, Inc,
P.O. Box 365
West Haven, CT  06516-0365


Other ways to donate:

Although money is desperately needed for many programs in Connecticut, we strongly urge you to get involved to make sure your contributions are being put to their best possible use.

If you are a medical provider, or work in the field, and have a seminar, workshop, or training you would like to offer, we are always looking for new innovative topics and speakers for our Educational Programs.

Please call, email, or fax us with your ideas.

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Please help those helping others!

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