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Thank you to all those that helped us celebrate!

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Pictures and videos of past events:

Requires a Java Enabled Browser. AIDS Science Day 2004, Sponsored by the Yale University Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS

Pictured are members of the board, and Dr. Gary Blick, MD, Guardian Medical Advisory board member and president of the Global Health Organization.


New Haven Pride 2004 -- Guardian member's along side The Global Health Organization and The CT HIV/STD/Task Force -- making a difference.

Hartford Gay Pride 2003 -- Pictures of Guardian's helping out with the CT/HIV/AIDS/STD Task Force

Our Current Goals:

bulletContinue running, promoting, and improving the only Connecticut Statewide HIV Community Calendar
bulletExpand the Connecticut HIV On-Line Resources Guide to cover more remote areas in Connecticut
bulletContinue it's advocacy and educational efforts for people living with HIV/AIDS
bulletHelp more consumers get access to technology and information that can help them change the course of their health outcomes.
bulletCreate innovative and relevant educational programs that have impact.

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Pictures from Previous Guardian Events



Got an event for our Statewide HIV Community Calendar?  Here are our posting instructions.

We are currently revamping this web site, and updating and expanding the resource guide.  If your organization is interested in helping sponsor this project, please contact us .

Due to the rising rates of HIV infections, STDs, and cross-resistant strains of HIV in the MSM populations in CT, we proudly participate in the CT STD HIV Task Force being spearheaded by Dr. Gary Blick, MD.  For more information about this task force, call Circle Medical, LLC, at (203) 852-9525.

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