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Living with HIV/AIDS:

Living with HIV/AIDS often times requires more than just anti hiv medication.  We have always believed that the best way to manage HIV is to keep the body's natural immune system as healthy as possible, and prolong the need for medications for as long as possible.  Once on HIV medications, this strategy still continues to be an integral part of HIV management, as well as managing the side effects that sometimes happen with HIV treatments.

Family support was key to managing Jame's partner passing, as well as his own HIV challenges.

Keeping the Body Healthy:

Many people have died in the United States from HIV infection.  Surviving HIV requires a substantial amount of social support, education, and hope.  Quality medical care is essential from experienced HIV specialists as is a person's will to live, and willingness to become their own best advocate.  This often means that the person living with HIV/AIDS must learn or be able to work with his medical providers as a partner, doing his or her part to take the medications as prescribed, reduce the possibility of becoming re-infected with more HIV, but also to ask questions, and report any problems with taking medications and/or side effects.

What do diet, nutrition, exercise, support groups, counseling, and taking supplements have in common?  They all depend on the persons willingness to take charge of their own life and health outcomes, to learn as much as possible, and care about themselves enough to make whatever changes necessary to promote healthier outcomes.

Some things to think about:

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