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Pictures from Gay Pride in Hartford, September 13, 2003.  Members of the Guardian Health Association help set up and run the Connecticut HIV/AIDS/STD Task Force Booth, as well as delivered an inspiring speech about peace, pride, health and healing at the main pride event.  For more information about the CT HIV/AIDS/STD Task Force, go to: http://www.globalhealthorg.org

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The HIV/AIDS/STD Task force conducted 87 surveys and gave out 16 Twinrix vaccinations.

Why is this important?

Connecticut State Health Department statistics show a shocking 133% increase in the diagnosis of primary and secondary Syphilis between 2001 and 2002. Additionally, of those diagnosed with Syphilis in 2002, 36% had HIV, as compared to 25% in 2001. The ages of those diagnosed in 2002 ranged from 21 to 51. This combined with an overall increase of HIV infection in the men who have sex with men (MSM) community in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

The Task Force, which came into being last June is spearheaded by Dr. Gary Blick of Circle Medical, LLC, Norwalk, CT, and the non-profit organization, Global HEALTH Organization, Inc. It was started in direct response to the significant rise of infection rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and HIV in the MSM population of Connecticut. The Task Force is comprised of members representing various agencies from the CT. Department of Health, pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals, and members of the MSM community.

The Task Force is conducting this initial epidemiological survey to gather data that will reveal the current MSM understanding of: sexual practices, safer sex beliefs, transmission risks, and current health status. The outcome of the study will serve as a guide for new educational programs based on those findings. The goal is to create a statewide model to heighten awareness of the dramatic increase in these illnesses and significantly reduce the rates of transmission.

For more information about the Connecticut HIV/AIDS/STD Task Force, contact Dr. Gary Blick at gary.blick@globalhealthorg.lorg

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